Discover the Range of New Age Caravans in Townsville, QLD

New Age Caravans may be one of the newest members to the RV market, starting in 2009, but they are building a brand of caravans that any Australian would be proud to own. Many competitors have started to copy their designs and modern style while many have struggled to keep up with their innovations in the RV market. The range of New Age Caravans is wide and diverse, with a model to suit any user type.

Small and Pop-Top New Age Caravans

Small caravans work well for people on a budget or without a lot of storage space in their driveway or carport back home. Primarily, when looking for small New Age Caravans in Townsville, you should look at the Gecko and Road Tripper models. With all the creature comforts you would need in a caravan, the Geckos are perfect. To make these smaller caravans more spacious, New Age have developed Pop-Top models where you can expand the height of usable space within the vehicle temporarily. Perfect for those taller RV users. The Gecko, Wallaby and Glider ranges have these models.

Family New Age Caravans

The larger Gecko and Manta Ray ranges of caravans are spacious enough to take the entire family with you.Most options easily sleep four or more people, even with the Gecko’s smaller, luxury build. For those families wanting more in luxury, you need to look no further than the Blue Diamond, Oz Classic and the Jewel ranges. These are the New Age Caravans in Townsville that will make you forget about using hotels altogether.

Off-Road New Age Caravans

If you want to head into the outback and experience nature, you will want to invest in an off-road caravan. Most of the ranges carry one or two specially-built models for this purpose, using materials and technologies that add durability to your vehicle in off-road environments.